Saturday, December 8, 2012


Pinterest has been something I have stumbled upon quite recently and has been my new addiction. On the Pinterest site you can create different "boards"and "pin" things to them that you see on other peoples boards by clicking the "pin" button after you have selected a photo. That stores the image onto your board. A lot of people name their boards different categories as a way to organize their "pins" such as food, art, fashion, and so on. I have found a lot of inspiring art lessons on here by searching for key words in the search bar. Once I find something I like I click on the picture and it brings me to the site it came from. This is great when you want to find out more about how what is in the picture was created. It is a really neat way for the creative types to share different ideas as well as gather and collect the different things that inspire them on this virtual cork board. 

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  1. Pinterest will always be one of my favorite websites. I think it's extremely user-friendly and filled with a ton of new ideas and inspiration, whether its for personal interests or for things in the classroom. I've found lots of art lessons and ideas through the site and I'm thinking about creating a new account dedicated solely for art education ideas and lesson plans.