Monday, November 19, 2012

Interactivity #4


     I chose this particular lesson plan because I feel that it exemplifies how creative you can be while exploring different technologies and design concepts in the 21st century art classroom. Most students are fascinated with technology and working with computers being that some of the programs they have out now are so new and cutting edge. I think that this digital imaging lesson would be an excellent way for the students who are discouraged by their skills in studio art making (painting, or drawing) to make something they can be really proud of as well as show off their creative abilities. The lesson is also a great introduction into the world of graphic design along with the career options it is accompanied with. It educates students on how to achieve a visual impact through font, color, and thickness of the line. The lesson also promotes students to think abstractly and gives them the freedom to come up with a subject matter that speaks to them. This will encourage them to explore different kinds of media and their properties in order to see the visible effects they can achieve.
      I believe that I was able to align the goals, strategies and technologies completely in this assignment. The one thing that I added to my strategies that I thought would make for a more cohesive lesson is having the teacher provide more of a background on typography as well as examples of successfully used typography in media/design. This lesson would show the students that creative design is essential in all of the marketing that we are surrounded by on an everyday basis. Teaching elements of good design and how we can achieve this by using technologies such as Photoshop or Illustrator will help students see endless possibilities of creative design through technology.

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