Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interactivity #3

I had a lot of difficulty getting on my computer and online this past week due to the hurricane so this assignment was challenging for me to get started on. I think as a whole my group and I found a lot of different technologies that would assist with our teaching as well as make it the class more interesting for our future students. As I was researching various technologies for the art classroom I stumbled upon a lot of sites (such as kid blog, glogster, and school tube), which I will definitely use in my future classes.  Many of us agreed on certain technologies like iMovie, digital cameras, video cameras, and tablets. Some of the technologies the other girls mentioned I did not even think of until they posted it. For instance, Nicole mentioned video conference calling which I thought would be very interesting for students to part take in. It would be a great way for students to take a look at other cultures besides their own and also get to know other students. Going along with that I was also impressed by the link that Julie posted, Art Education 2.0. I think that it is important to assign students multicultural activities in order for them to gain an understanding and respect of the world they live in. This site is wonderful because I can see what other teachers are doing with their art students around the world and together we can gain a greater understanding of one another as well as expand our boundaries when creating assignments for our students.

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